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YUEN HSIAO TIEN (Filmografía)

Yuen Hsiao Tien (Yuen Siu Tien)

1949- The Story of Wong Fei Hung, Part one / Wong Fei Hung's whip that smacks the candle

1949- Hung Sze Kuan's Bloody Battle at the Forest of Liu's Family

1954- The 72 Martyrs of Canton / Blood-Stained Flowers

1956- Huang Fei-hong Goes to a Birthday Party at Guanshan

1957- Nazha's Adventures in the East Sea / Nazha's Battle with Dragon King of the Seas

1958- Story of the Vulture Conqueror

1959- Seven Swordsmen from Tianshan

1960- A Mermaid's Love

1961- The Mandarin Swords

1962- The Mandarin Swords Part II

1961- The Chilly River Pass

1962- The Invisible Amazon / The Invisible Heroine

1963- 55 días en Pekín (55 Days at Peking) (sin acreditar)

1963- Night Errand

1964- Devil's Palm: Part 1

1964- The Flying Fox

1964- Magic Snowflake Sword

1965- The Hero and the Beauty, Part 1

1965- The Six-Fingered Lord of the Lute

1966- Bebe conmigo (Come Drink with Me)

1966- Knight of Knights

1967- The Sword and the Lute

1967- The Professionals

1967- The Silent Swordsman

1968- El ataque del dragón blanco (The White Dragon)

1968- Huang Fei-hong: The Invincible 'Lion Dancer'

1968- Huang Fei-hong: The Eight Bandits

1968- The Frightening Sword

1968- The Magic Whip

1968- Witch Sword

1968- The Magnificent Five

1969- Huang Fei-hong: The Duel for the 'Sha-yu-qing'

1969- Iron Bones

1969- Huang Fei-hong's Combat with the Five Wolves

1969- Dragon Swamp

1969- Bloody Handkerchief

1969- Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade

1971- La furia de Jackie (Master with Cracked Fingers)

1972- The Warlord

1972- The Lucky Guy

1973- The Iron Bull

1973- Fists of the Double K / Fist to Fist

1973- The Kiss of Death

1974- Shaolin Martial Arts

1975- The Valiant Ones

1975- Return of the Crazy Bumpkins

1975- The Association

1975- Fertility Bank

1975- Desde Hong-Kong con amor (From Hong Kong with Love)

1975- The Young Rebel

1976- Karate from Shaolin Temple / Shorinji Kempo: Musashi Hong Kong ni arawaru

1977- El caracol peligroso contra los asesinos de kung-fu (Deadly Snake Versus Kung Fu Killers)

1977- El dragón ataca (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu)

1978- Iron Fist Boxer / Boxing Wizard / Peculiar Boxing Tricks and Master

1978- Las 36 cámaras de Shaolin (36th Chamber of Shaolin)

1978- La serpiente a la sombra del águila (Snake in the Eagle's Shadow)

1978- El mono borracho en el ojo del tigre (Drunken Master)

1978- El gato borracho maestro de kung fu (Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat)

1978- Shaolin contra ninja (Shaolin Challenges Ninja / Heroes of the East)

1979- Kung Fu Terminator / Horse Boxing Killer

1979- Iron Bridge Kung-Fu

1979- Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist

1979- El mundo del mono borracho (World of the Drunken Master)

1979- El aprendiz del mono borracho (Wild Bunch of Kung Fu)

1978- El dios dormilón y el cachorro despierto (The sleeping fist)

1979- La danza de la pantera borracha (Dance of the Drunk Mantis)

1979- The Story of Drunken Master / Drunken Fist Boxing

1979- El puño ciego de Bruce (Blind Fist of Bruce)

1979- La sombra de la garra de cristal (Crystal Fist)

1979- The Mystery of Chess Boxing / Ninja Checkmate

1980- The Thundering Mantis

1980- Loco Loco Kung Fu

1980- Los puños de la muerte (The Buddhist Fist)

1981- An Old Kung Fu Master

1981- The Six Directions of Boxing

1982- Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick

1982- Little Mad Guy

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